2017 Event: April 28th & 29th

Event Hours: Friday, 10 a.m. - Midnight & Saturday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


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2017 Project:

This year our focus will be helping the Refugee Communities in Utah

through http://serverefugees.org/

Bring items to the Care with Cards and Crafts area to turn in.

Redeem for prize tickets if you want!

Of course you can ALWAYS plan on bringing in items from any of our previous projects to our

Care with Cards and Crafts booth and we will continue to deliver them to the various organizations.
Cards, Altered Journals, Card Kits, Blankets, Bags, Hats and Hygiene Kits

Since 2012 attendees at Let’s Create Expo (formerly Scrapbook USA) have donated over 31,000 cards, card kits, blankets, altered journals and cancer hats to organizations in our local area and beyond through the Care With Cards & Crafts Program at Let’s Create Expo.

Please join us in this effort as we use our skills, talents and creative minds to work together.

Please bring your donations to Let’s Create Expo to our Care With Cards & Crafts Booth. Your donations will be delivered to the various organizations within a few weeks of the show.


Our 2016 Project:

Days For Girls

days for girls.jpg


Did you know that in India, 1 in 4 girls drops out of school when they start menstruating? In many parts of the world there is stigma attached to women and their menstruation cycle. Days for Girls International is a non-profit organization with the vision to provide "every girl and woman in the world with ready, feasible access to quality, sustainable hygiene and health education by 2022.


Days For Girls International is providing washable and sustainable menstruation hygiene kits to girls and women all over the world. These kits are washable and will last for 3 years. This offers a cost effective solution for our sisters throughout the world to be able to continue with their work and schooling even during their menstrual cycle. Without this solution many drop out of school when they reach their teen years or lose employment because they lack the needed supplies to continue working during their cycle each month.


After distribution of Days for Girls kits, school absence rates dropped from 36% to 8% in Uganda!

Please contact them at their website for ways to continue helping in their wonderful efforts.


Huntsman Cancer Institute:


Altered Journals: 

Link for Tutorial: http://godswillonly.com/?p=52


Make the journal at home and bring for donation, donate composition notebooks, or come visit our donation station and make one at the show. We will have a few hundred notebooks available or bring your own and decorate with us.

An important part of the cancer treatment process is recording thoughts and feelings. Each cancer patient who receives a bone marrow transplant also receives a journal. We have donated 100’s of beautiful journals to aid in this process. Journals should be homemade using a composition notebook and altering it with scrapbook paper, mod podge and embellishments. Remember to be sensitive to where the notebooks are going and keep the theme general. Most of the recipients will be adults and could be male or female. Feel free to add inspirational quotes, phrases or sayings to the cover. 

4’ X 5’ quilts or blankets are needed. Each patient receives a blanket when they finish their last chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Quilts can be sewn and tied or made from fleece with simple cut and tied edges. Used blankets are not accepted.

It is always helpful for the patients to receive a cute handmade bag with necessities or items of comfort. We will be donating the bags only. Bags can be medium to large sized handmade bags. 

If you crochet or knit, or would love to learn, please make hats for cancer patients. Use soft, non-irritating yard and be creative! Hat looms work too!!


Handmade Cards:
Cards must be in very general themes. Please keep them to: Thank You, Thinking of You and General Themes. These are made available to patients to correspond with friends and family while they are in the hospital.

Greater Salt Lake Area Juvenile Detention Center


Card Kits:
They LOVED the hundreds of card kits we have donated and would really appreciate more! The card kits allow the young people being detained to sit down and assemble a hand-made card they can use to share their thoughts and feelings with family and friends. Our card kits give them the opportunity to spend a little time creating something and they can feel proud! 

Card Kits should include:
-White cardstock for card base
-Pre-cut paper and other embellishments
-Black & White photocopy of finished card
-Instructions if necessary
-All pieces together in a sandwich bag
-Adhesive is NOT necessary